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* 3SK Stylianides as a collaborator

** Mimnermou 2 Architects

*** Tim Ronalds Architects

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Project Title Date Client State Location
International Architectural Competition for the New Cyprus Museum 2017 Cyprus Department of Public Works Competition Nicosia,Cyprus
The Harrington Scheme 1980 Private client Completed Highgate, London
Apartment renovation, Kefalari, Attica 2015 Private Client Completed Kefalari, Attica
Three summer houses in Kos 2014 Private client Under construction Kos
Residence in Limassol, Cyprus 2014 Private Client Final design Limassol, Cyprus
Renovation of the “Greek Village” in Mediterranean Cosmos Shopping Center 2014 Pylaia S.A Preliminary - Final design Thessaloniki
Neocleous House Annexe 2012 Andreas Neocleous &Co Under construction Limassol, Cyprus
Katara Cultural Village Entrance*** 2013 Private client Competition Doha, Qatar
Proposal for the redesign of the old GSP area 2011 Ministry of the Interior of Cyprus Competition Nicosia,Cyprus
Office building, store and showroom at N.Irakleio* (short-listed for the 2013 ΗΙΑ Greek Architectural Awards) 2011 G.F.Ioannidis S.A. Completed N.Irakleio, Attiki
Apartment house in Papagou 2011 Private client Preliminary-Final design Papagou, Athens
Reconstruction proposal of “Byzantino” restaurant of Hilton hotel 2011 IONIAN HOTEL ENTERPRISES S.A. Competition Athens
Apartment block in Petralona 2011 Private client Preliminary design Petralona, Athens
House in Paros 2011 Private client Completed Paros, Cyclades
Horizon Blu 5* Hotel in Kalamata * 2010 HORIZON A.X.T.K.K.E. Completed Kalamata
Neokleous Towers Office building* 2010 Neocleous S.A. Preliminary design Limassol, Cyprus
House reconstruction at D.Aeropagitou* 2010 Private client Completed D.Aeropagotou, Athens
2 Houses in Crete* 2010 Vardas-Oikonomou All designs Heracleion,Crete
EMST Offices at the Athens Conservatory Building 2009 ΕΜST Completed Athens
EMST Exhibition space at the Athens Conservatory building 2009 ΕMST Completed Athens
Neocleous Megaron Headquarters* 2009 Andreas Neocleous & Co Completed Limassol, Cyprus
Competition for the redesign of Mandraki, Rhodes* 2009 Rhodes Marines s.a. Architectural Design Competition Mandraki, Rhodes
Block of houses in Livadia* 2008 Private client Under Construction Livadia, Viotias
Refurbishment & Extension of Asteria Holiday Resort 2012 Private Glyfada, Athens
House in Halkoutsi 2011 Private client Completed Halkoutsi, Oropos
House in Nicosia 2008 Private client Outline Planning Permission Nicosia,Cyprus
House in Thessaloniki* 2008 Private client Completed Panorama, Thessaloniki
Block of summerhouses at Elounda* 2008 Vardas-Oikonomou Completed Elounda, Crete
4* Hotel in Elefsina* 2007 Private Client preliminary design Elefsina, Attiki
Block of summerhouses in Ag.Pelagia* 2007 Vardas-Oikonomou Completed Ag.Pelagia,Crete
Deloitte S.A. offices* 2007 Deloitte S.A Competition Athens
House in Heraklion* 2006 Private client Completed Heraklion,Crete
Apartment house in Kolonaki* 2006 ARSINOE S.A. Completed Kolonaki,Athens
Thanassis Frissiras Art Gallery* 2006 Th. Frissiras Completed Athens
National Museum of Modern Art Competition/FIX* 2006 EMST Completed Athens
KANTOR Management Consultants S.A. οffice building* 2005 KANTOR Management Consultants S.A. Completed Αthens
Office building in Heraklion* 2005 Rodos Tours Completed Herakleion, Crete
Eurocarriers SA Headquarters* 2004 Eurocarriers S.A. Competition Athens
Exhibition design in Swiss Pavillion* 2003-4 Embassy of Spain All designs Madrid, Spain
Daios Cove 5* Holiday Resort * 2003 Kollmann S.A. Preliminary design Kritsa,Agios Nicolaos,Crete
Reconstruction and extension of listed house in Kefalari* 2003 Private client Completed Kefalari,Athens
British Council * 2003 British Council Completed Athens
Private residence in Heraklion** 2003 Private client Completed Heraklion, Crete
Conversion of “Stadion Hotel” into office building* 2003 Prometheus S.A. Completed Athens
Communal and Interiors Design for Hotel Development 2001 Private client Preliminary design Ag.Napa, Cyprus
House in Papagou 2001 Private client Completed Papagou, Athens
Offices, interior design in Kastella 2000 ATALANTA MARINE Completed Kastella, Peiraus
Extension of “Exclusive” Ladies Fashion Shop in Nicosia 2000 Private client Completed Nicosia, Cyprus
House in N.Voutza 2000 Private client Completed N.Voutzas, Attica
Travel agency interior design* 2000 MANESIS TRAVEL Completed Athens
Group of holiday houses in Arachova 2000 Liaskos Bro. Completed Parnassos, Viotia
Competition for the refurbishment of 5*hotel Xenia* 2000 E.O.T Competition Lagonisi,Attica
“En Ergo” Offices and Shops Development in Elefsina 1999 EN ERGO Completed Elefsina, Attica
Complex of three dwellings in Nea Penteli 1999 Private client Completed Nea Penteli, Athens
Office building in Kifisia 1999 Karagiannis S.A. Completed Kifisia, Athens
Doctor’s surgery, interior design 1999 Private client Completed Kifisia ave., Athens
Housing complex in Kefalari 1999 Private client Preliminary design Kefalari, Athens
5* Resort Hotel and Bungalows Lagonissi* 2002 Private client Competition - Preliminary design Lagonissi, Attica
“Exclusive” clothes shop in Nicosia 1998 Private client Completed Nicosia, Cyprus
Architectural Competition for Zefyri Cultural Centre 1998 Municipality of Zefyri Competition Zefyri, Athens
Design & Build Competition for the Biology / Computer Science, Mathematics and Administration Buildings of the University of Crete 1998 University of Crete Competition Crete
Interior design of flat in P.Phaliro 1998 Private client Completed P.Phaliro, Athens
Interior design of flat in Glyfada 1998 Private client Completed Ano Glyfada, Athens
Family House in Argyroupolis 1998 Private client Completed Argyropolis, Athens
New facades and window design of Ladies Fashion Shop “Exclusive” 1998 Private client Completed Nicosia, Cyprus
New facades and garden layout to an existing house in Nicosia 1997 Private client Completed Nicosia, Cyprus
Europan: International competition “The Western Arc” 1997 Agency for Cultural Capital of Europe Competition Thessaloniki
Apartment blocks in Rethymnon* 1996 Private client Preliminary design Rethymnon, Crete
Conversion, new facades and garden layout to an existing house in Glyfada 1996 Private client Completed Glyfada, Athens
Residence and studio 1996 Private client Completed Nea Aiolis, Dionysos, Attica
Design and build Competition for the Students Restaurant 1996 University of Crete Completed Rethymnon, Crete
Fast food shops interior and facade 1996 Private client Completed Kaisariani, Athens
Design and Build Competiton for the 2nd Technical Lyceum 1996 Municipality of Rhodes Competition Rhodes
Architectural Design Competition for the office building of Ethniki Asfalistiki 1995 Ethniki Asfalistiki Competition Athens
600-bed Fist class Hotel and Casino extension* 1995 Loutraki Casino Competition Loutraki, Corinthοs
Office building and shops for the Agrotiki Bank 1995 Agricultural Bank Competition Rhodes
Apartment blocks and shops* 1995 Private client Completed Heraklion, Crete
New offices interior for AXIS Ltd 1995 AXIS Ltd Completed Athens
Summerhouse in Malesina 1995 Private client Completed Malesina, Locrida
KANTOR Management Consultants New Offices Interior 1994-5 KANTOR Management Consultantas S.A. Completed Athens
Design of an apartment interior 1994 Private client Ag.Paraskevi, Athens
Restoration and development proposal of the Lipasmata area 1994 KANTOR Management Consultants S.A. Competition Peiraeus port
Masterplan and feasibility study for a new suburb of Athens 1993 KANTOR Management Consultants S.A. Preliminary study Athens
New offices interior for WIDRISS S.A. 1993 WIDRISS S.A. Completed Marousi, Athens
SATO GRAPHIC, Company Identity Design and pilot shop 1993 SATO GRAPHIC Completed Athens
Villa for an art lover with swimming pool 1993 Private client Preliminary design P.Psychico, Athens
KANTOR Management Consultants, New Offices Interior 1993 KANTOR S.A. Completed Athens
Conversion and restoration of C19th listed house 1993 Private client Completed Plaka,Athens
Conversion and restoration of C19th Mansion House 1993 I.Sossidis Completed Nymphaeon, Florina
Office building and showroom Zanotta 1993 Varagis AVEPE Completed Athens
Design of house interiors and facade conversion 1993 Private client Completed Glyfada, Athens
House conversion 1993 Private client Completed Palea Penteli, Athens
Extension and restoration of an existing summer house 1995-6 Private client Completed Trikala Corinthias
Hotel, bungalows and villas 1992-3 KANTOR S.A. Preliminary design Siphnos, Cyclades
Dentist΄s surgery 1991 Private client Completed Kallithea, Athens
Extension (Studio / loft ) of existing residence 1990-91 Private client Completed Papagou, Athens
Acropolis Museum Competition** 1990 Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism Competition Athens
House in Saronida 1990 Private client Completed Saronida, Athens
House in Dionysos 1990 Private client Completed Dionysos, Attica
Patras Technology Park** 1990 University of Patra Preliminary design and architectural feasibility study Patra
Tsantilis Ladies clothes shop** 1990 Tsantilis completed Stadiou Str, Athens
House and surgery 1990 Private client Completed Keparissia, Peloponnesos
7 Villas 1989 Private client Completed Castri, Athens
Gardeners Headquarters building (Training for mentally handicapped children )*** 1988 Gardeners Headquarters Completed Highgate, London
Design & Build Competition University of Crete Student Dining Hall 1996 University Of Crete Competition Rethymno, Crete
Extension to Walthamstow Coroner΄s Court*** 1987 Walthamstow Council Completed Waltham Forest, London
Heampstead Poolhouse 1988 Private client Completed Hampstead,London
Jackson΄s Lane Community Centre Theatre*** 1988 Jackson's Lane Community Centre Completed Highgate,London
Croxton Village 1985 Private Client Completed Croxton, Cambridgeshire
Berkshire Cottage*** 1983-85 Private client Completed Berkshire, UK