Her work is highly specific. Each project relies on the poetic conception that cab inform the design and displace the banal and the conventional. Each project demonstrates an interest in sculptural aspects of architecture, in experimenting with the richness of form and material and texture and colour. And in each project there is a concern for a sense of construction. The buildings have a sense of being a built object without necessarily exposing structure, construction or detail. This reflects her working method, which maintains a close involvement with engineering, economy and construction. This confluence of poetic conception with technique is the basis of her work.

The completed and current work of Kalliope’s practice includes office buildings, shops, theatres, art museums, luxury hotels and tourist developments, and private houses in groups or for individual clients. Her work has won a number of architectural prices and has been exhibited and published both in Greece and abroad. One of her more recent projects, a building that houses the Offices, a Showroom and the Warehouse of a Fabrics Company, in Neo Iraklio, Athens, has been short-listed for the2013 Greek Architectural Awards by HIA.